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Saskatchewan Reads

Happy New Year!

The Saskatchewan Reads momentum continues to build in Saskatchewan School Divisions and First Nation Education Authorities! New resources from Lloydminster Public have been added to the Instructional Approaches section of the website.

These modifiable Word documents are located at the bottom of the following web pages under Division/First Nation Education Authority Resources.  Look for the new_icon_ icon:

Instructional Approaches
Key Elements of the Four Instructional Approaches

Modelled Reading
Modelled Reading Instructional Approach

Shared Reading
Shared Reading Instructional Approach

Scaffolded/Guided Reading
Guided Reading Instructional Approach

Independent Reading
Independent Reading Instructional Approach

The Provincial Administrator Reading Team invites you to share how you are using and/or have adapted parts or all of the Saskatchewan Reads document to support your students. We also invite you to share any resources you have created as a result of using the Saskatchewan Reads document. These could include support documents, assessment strategies, sample lessons, video of students and teachers demonstrating an aspect of the content found within Saskatchewan Reads, etc. The Online Submission Form can be found here.

Wish you all the best for the new year,
Provincial Reading Team

My name is Tessa. I started my teaching career this year in Grade 1. I have a lot of questions about the English Language Arts program and especially about teaching reading. What is important to understand about reading? How do I teach reading? Where do I begin? What does it look like?

Follow Tessa as she discovers the answers to these questions and many more. Welcome to the online resource developed for elementary educators by the Provincial Reading Team. It includes instructional strategies, videos, sample lessons … and more.

Creative Commons License
Saskatchewan Reads by Saskatchewan Provincial Reading Team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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