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Sharing Resources
Exciting things are happening in Saskatchewan School Divisions and First Nation Education Authorities!

Consider sharing resources you have developed by submitting them to the Saskatchewan Reads website. These may include but are not limited to lesson plans, assessment templates, practical strategies for organizing classroom libraries, video of students and teachers demonstrating an aspect of the content found in the Saskatchewan Reads document.

If you are interested in sharing your ideas please complete the Saskatchewan Reads Online Resource Submission Form and submit it to your Literacy Lead.

Your Literacy Lead will then forward it on.

If you are not sure who your Literacy Lead is please contact your School Division or First Nations Education Authority main office.

Please note:
If you are forwarding images or video permission forms must be completed and submitted with the Saskatchewan Reads Online Resource Submission Form:

• Saskatchewan Reads Licence and Guidelines For Use (pdf)

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  • Use of logo is authorized for Saskatchewan Reads purposes only.
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Saskatchewan Reads: Reading Priority Toolkit
This toolkit serves as support for the provincial reading priority.  It includes a sample of resources you may choose to utilize in your communications on Saskatchewan Reads.
Reading Priority Toolkit (word)

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