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Saskatchewan Reads

You will find the following symbols throughout the site:


 Reflection Questions
These questions are included as a starting point for reflection and discussion. The answers to these questions may be found within the document or they may be larger questions that cause the reader to reflect on classroom practise.


Thought Bubbles
These bubbles are meant to give insight into the thinking of a teacher using Saskatchewan Reads.They represent the realizations, or “Aha” moments of the teacher after reflection and after implementing the instructional approaches.


Check It Out!
Key print and web resources are listed that were referenced when creating that section of the document. “Check It Out!” also contains resources that allow teachers to expand and deepen their background knowledge in that area.

Glossary …….T            Terms defined within the glossary appear in bold. Scroll over highlighted words to see definitions within the web pages.

Additional Resources  Supporting documents available for download


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video_link_external_site_   Link to video(s) on an external website


These picture icons occur throughout the site to represent the following instructional approaches:

Modelled Read-small  Modelled Reading


Shared Reading- YCS        Shared Reading


IMG_0092      Scaffolded/Guided Reading


IMG_0169 (300x225)  Independent Reading