As a result of the Education Sector Strategic Plan, there is a unique opportunity to align all levels of our system toward improved reading for our students. This alignment begins with Government and moves through the Ministry of Education, school boards, senior administration, schools, classrooms and communities. Having all components of the sector align provides a common purpose that activates numerous resources to attain a common goal.

• approved the Education Sector Strategic Plan;
• created Saskatchewan Plan for Growth – Vision 2020 and Beyond;
• identifies a goal to increase number of grade 3’s reading at grade level;
• leads the country in graduation rates; and
• provides fiscal support.

Ministry of Education
• creates appropriate structures for success;
• provides leadership;
• provides fiscal and human resources;
• facilitates monitoring and improvement cycles;
• communicates with the public; and
• advocates for this work.

School Board
• provides direction, support, and monitoring;
• provides fiscal, human, professional development and reading resources;
• provides support through board motion/strategic plan – declaration; and
• are reading ambassadors.

Senior Administration
• are literacy champions;
• creates division literacy reading team with teachers;
• develops vision and plan for reading;
• conducts environmental scan;
• chooses an assessment and provides professional development;
• conducts data analysis;
• promotes instructional approaches for learning;
• supports interventions;
• creates and implements a professional development plan;
• provides resources, trains and supports literacy coach model;
• encourages reading capacity building at all levels;
• profiles division sites of promising practice;
• monitors division activities aligned with plan implementation;
• monitors student improvement; and
• develops and implements communication strategy.

In-School Administration
• aligns school goals with division and province;
• actively involved in reading strategy training;
• conducts walkthroughs;
• conducts formative supervision;
• provides constructive conversations;
• monitors school teams, teacher professional growth plans, and student progress;
• provides leadership and support for teachers;
• schedules a minimum 90 minute uninterrupted block for ELA;
• provides grade alike blocking in schedule;
• protects classroom instructional time and minimizes interruptions; and
• appreciates and celebrates success of teachers and students.

• aligns plans and professional growth with school goals;
• participates in PD opportunities;
• implements division reading strategy;
• provides feedback to students and to the system;
• becomes familiar with Saskatchewan Reads; and
• communicates directly with parents about their child’s reading progress and the important role parents have.

School Community Council
• aligns their work and goals with the school and teacher goals;
• communicates with community about the school reading initiative;
• arranges information nights for community about reading; and
• organizes reading activities (e.g. speakers, authors in the community, book exchange at the local rink) that allow the entire community to participate in the improved reading of students.