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The student reads independently to achieve the three goals of proficient reading (comprehension, engaged reading, and fluency) using appropriate, just right self selected texts. The teacher is available as a support and confers with individual students to monitor student progress toward goals.

Choosing Texts
Through conferencing and personal connection, a teacher gains information about individual students to foster a positive reading environment and a respectful classroom culture. The teacher is then able to provide a wide range of texts that address student’s interests, daily lives, and the world around them. Texts should represent content from many viewpoints that reflect the perspectives, cultures, and ways of knowing of First Nations, Métis, and other cultures. Students self-select just right texts with teacher guidance and support (see Appendix G).

Independent reading serves a variety of purposes in the classroom setting including: independent read 2 (169x225)
• allowing students to consolidate, practice, and reflect on learned reading skills and strategies;
• fostering competent and confident readers;
• practising skills to critically select just right texts; and
• applying before, during, and after reading strategies.

• Student data is gathered through observation and conferencing with students.
• The teacher gathers evidence and provides feedback to students in areas such as:
– problem-solving when processing text,
– applying strategies independently,
– goal setting and progress toward goals,
– student’s text selection, and

  • Other tools may include:
    reading inventories and surveys,
    – checklists,
    reader response,
    – self assessment, and
    – anecdotal records.
  • Evidence gathered in independent reading addresses assessment for, as, and of learning.





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