L.Emergent Literacy

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Concepts of print are defined as what children know and understand about the printed language (Clay, 2000).

Children develop concepts of print based on their experiences from home and their early print experiences in environments such as story-time at the library, grocery shopping, and school.  Concepts of print include:

  • Book knowledge such (e.g. front and back, where the title is, author’s name, top to bottom, left to right direction of print)
  • Knowledge of print and its functions (e.g. upper case and lower case letters and punctuation)
  • Understanding the text types (e.g. poems, songs, stories, emails)
  • Recognizing and understanding text forms and images (e.g. font, size, boldface, italics)

Environmental Print

Emerging Literacy Assessment Tool

Early Literacy Resource for Teachers 2000 (pdf)