Positive Nurturing Relationships

Saskatchewan Reads

The learning climate must include positive personal relationships that enhance development through meaningful conversations, and a sense of care for the whole student that goes beyond academic concerns. The nurturing classroom meets the holistic needs of students – social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. “Positive relationships are opportunities for students to create a sense of self, identity, and belonging while learning about the world around them” (Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, 2009a, p. 3).DSCN9751 (225x169)

Positive Relationships:

• respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of students in the context of family, culture, and community;
• develop connections with people, the environment, ideas, and beliefs;
• engage students, parents/guardians, families, and the community in program planning;
• encourage students to confidently share ideas and insights;
• involve the co-construction of expectations both behaviourally and academically; and
• foster positive interactions between students (buddy reading, strategic groupings, big buddies, etc.).