Print-Rich Environment

Saskatchewan Reads

A print-rich environment embeds literacy outcomes and curricula throughout the environment (Early Reading Strategy, 2009). A print-rich environment is critical to students who may have limited access to literacy resources outside of school.

song book display (225x150)       Print or language rich environment (300x201)

The environment includes:

• a reflection of the culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds of the students within the classroom (Early Reading Strategy, 2009);
• a variety of high-quality texts that are thoughtfully presented to support reading literacy learning and development;
• a reflection of First Nations and Métis content and perspectives, as well as students’ daily lives, interests and inquiries;
• text types that reflect the Saskatchewan context and include materials by and about First Nations and Métis peoples;
• relevant, co-constructed anchor charts and word walls that reflect students’ literacy development; and
• materials and information that are supportive and accessible for students during inquiry based learning.

I-Chart (225x300)     photo (149x200)