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The teacher invites students to share in the demonstration of cognitive for comprehending and responding. It is this participation that helps build confidence in the development of new and previously taught skills. Interaction is fostered in a variety of settings, including whole group, small group, and partner. Shared reading texts, based on curricular expectations and purpose, are selected, revisited, or created.

Choosing Texts
The teacher looks for texts that:
• represent many viewpoints that reflect the perspectives, cultures, and ways of knowing of First Nations, Métis, and other cultures;
• include strong examples of cues and conventions or comprehension strategies to be highlighted; and
• reflect formative assessment data and incorporate curricular expectations across

A variety of texts, often at students’ instructional level, are used during shared reading,
such as:

  • big books;
  • poems;
  • graphs, maps and charts;
  • posters;
  • morning message;
  • environmental print;
  • repetitive pattern books;
  • visual images;
  • songs; and
  • student created books.

Shared reading serves a variety of purposes, including:
• exposing students to a wide range of text forms and genres;
• engaging students in supported reading so that the whole class can share the reading experience;
• increasing students’ exposure to text;
• teaching before, during, and after reading strategies (see Appendix A);
• integrating content of other curricula areas;
• teaching intentionally concepts of print, phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency in context;
• sharing responsibility toward the goal of independent reading; and
• engaging students in conversation.



• Formative assessment of a student’s application of the skills photo (300x225)and strategies explicitly demonstrated in a shared read can be assessed through teacher observations, conversations with students, and student products.
• Teachers utilize checklists and/or anecdotal records to record observations and conversations on students’ use of strategies.





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