Targeted/Group Intervention – Tier 2

Saskatchewan Reads

“…struggling students need more expert and more intensive instruction in order for their learning to keep pace with that of other children.” (Allington, 2012, p. 175)

In many situations, providing differentiated support for students may be sufficient. Other students may require targeted/group instruction.

Independent and Guided Reading2_ (225x134)
“Providing high quality professional development for classroom teachers was as effective as providing expert tutorial support for struggling readers.” (Allington, 2012, p. 159)

• In tier 2 intervention and instruction, students that have been identified through ongoing and frequent formative and summative assessment receive additional opportunities to improve comprehension, fluency and engagement.
• Once students have been identified a collaborative team approach is crucial to planning supports for students.
• Tier 2 intervention and instruction does not replace the instruction that happens in tier 1. Instead, it offers additional support so students can meet curricular outcomes. The intervention should align with the classroom instruction.

Effective tier 2 intervention should…
• Be built on positive relationships between the teacher and the students and occur within a supportive, nurturing environment
• Employ a reduced student teacher ratio allowing for increased opportunities to provide individualized feedback and scaffold instruction (ideal 1-3 students)
• Provide instruction that is embedded in authentic reading opportunities
• Supplement quality reading instruction in the classroom supported by sound research
• Occur on a daily basis, be short term, and occur within or outside the classroom
• Encourage connections to the home to increase the amount of reading time and practice. This is not a requirement to participate in the intervention
• Provide a quiet learning space with little or no distractions
• Engage students in reading for the majority of the lesson
• Provide opportunities for students to read at their instructional and independent reading level during the intervention and throughout the day (Fountas & Pinnell, 2009; Allington, 2012)

The goal of targeted small group intervention is for students to be engaged readers who read fluently and comprehend grade level texts and no longer require support.