March 29th, 2019 Workshop

Saskatchewan Reads

Sask Reads ppt March 29, 2019 (Provincial Workshop)

Café Style Sharing Session re: Saskatchewan Reads Implementation.
Contact the Division/First Nation Education Organization Literacy Lead if you would like more information regarding the following presentations:

12:45 p.m. to 1:05 p.m.

Division/First Nation Education Organization Presentation Title
Bookmaking using mentor text
Greater Saskatoon Catholic
Literacy Look Fors
GSCS_Literacy LookFors_Elementary
GSCS_Literacy LookFors_High School
Ministry of Education
La grammaire en contexte
MOE_La grammaire en contexte FR 30 fondements et leçons
Prairie Valley
Instructional Team Coach (ITC) Model
Living Sky
Supporting Teachers in Writing Instruction
Collaborative Writing Support – Linking the Holistic Assessment to quality writing practice
Northern Lights
EYE Response and Interventions
South East Cornerstone
Secret Path Literature Unit: Residential Schools
Ministry of Education
Instructional Supports for Diverse Writers, Grades 4-9 (French version will be posted soon.)
Holy Family
Literacy Data Management

1:10 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Division/First Nation Education Organization Presentation Title
Kindergarten Writing Continuum_Chinook
Greater Saskatoon Catholic
SaskReads in Action – French Immersion Small Group Instructionfor Pre-Emergent and Emergent Readers
GSCS_Le travail de petits groupes
Writing Exemplar Development
Prairie Valley
Supporting Educators with Identifying Best Practice in Literacy
Intervention for Reading
Digging into Data – Linking Data to Instruction
Northern Lights
Three Step Writing Process
3-Step Write NLSD
Saskatoon Public
Planning for reading/writing instruction: Literacy Community – Literacy Learning Framework
Ochapowace First Nation
Reconciliation – Land Based Learning

1:35 p.m. to 1:55 p.m.

Division/First Nation Education Organization Presentation Title
Writer’s Workshop Admin Look For and Reflection Guide
– Chinook_Establishing Writer’s Workshop K-2
– Chinook_Writer’s Workshop Look For’s and Reflection Questions
Summer Reading Projects
NWSD_Summer Literacy News
Ministry of Education
Le monde d’Askî
MOE_Dépliant Aski
Living Sky
Systemic Reading Interventions & Literacy Walk Throughs
Horizon School Division Writing Protocol process
Lloydminister Public
The Power of Oral Language and Phonological Awareness – A guide for struggling readers
Phonological Awareness Hierarchy – LPSD logo
North East
Reading/Writing Sprints
NE Reading & Writing Sprints
Sun West
Online Resource Bank for Literacy & All Subjects
– Sun West Resource Bank Info
– Sun West Resource Bank for SaskReads
Saskatoon Public
Five Pillars of Literacy
Prince Albert Catholic
French Immersion: Reading/Writing Strategies for Informational Texts – Middle Years and Secondary
Le modèle ÉCRI (écriture cohérente et raisonnée en immersion)
– La littératie dans toutes les matières – Lecture (7 à 10)
La littératie dans toutes les matières – Écriture (7 à 10)
– Enseigner la langue seconde et la littératie :
Les principes directeurs et la façon de les mettre en pratique